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What are personal boundaries, why we need them and how to set healthy boundaries and assert them with confidence.

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  • Description

    Join us on this incredible journey of self-discovery as you uncover the underlying reasons for your boundaries and the unique ways in which you protect yourself in relationships and the outside world.

    The course consists of a series of videos to watch in consecutive order as well as a workbook to print out and complete as you go through the course. It is presented by the founder of Get Up and Grow, Sinta Ebersohn. Read more about her at

    This course is accredited by the International Association of Therapists:
    IAOTH ATP Number: JC230304


    What you’ll learn

    • Assess and Adapt your boundaries when neccesary
    • Identify your own boundaries
    • Set and Assert your boundaries with confidence
    • Understand personal boundaries


    Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    What boundaries are and what they are not.
    Why we need boundaries.
    Signs of healthy & unhealthy boundaries.
    What causes a lack of / unhealthy boundaries.
    What happens when we have no boundaries / unhealthy boundaries.
    How to determine what & where our boundaries are.
    Different typs of boundaries: Emotional, Mental & Intellectual, Physical, Material, Time & Energy, Financial, Social, Digital & Social Media and Sexual boundaries.
    Typical reactions from serial violators & how to respond to them.
    How to deal with resistance and pushback from others.
    What to do if your boundaries are repeatedly violated.

  • Course Curriculum

    • Boundaries
      • Boundaries Workbook
      • What are boundaries & Why do we need them?
      • Healthy vs Unhealthy Boundaries & Factors that play a role
      • Types of Boundaries - Emotional
      • Types of Boundaries - Mental & Intellectual
      • Types of Boundaries - Physical
      • Types of Boundaries - Material
      • Types of Boundaries - Time & Energy
      • Types of Boundaries - Financial
      • Types of Boundaries - Social
      • Types of Boundaries - Digital & Social Media
      • Types of Boundaries - Sexual
      • Common Reactions & Good Responses
      • Resistance & Repeated Violation of boundaries
      • Conclusion
    • Assessment
      • Boundaries

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