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Short Course In Ethnomedicine

How to practice in line with herbal philosophy and wellness principles How to use herbs safely and effectively in a professional practice with refere...

Short Course In Wellness Care - Module 5

Purpose of this module: To introduce counsellors to counselling techniques in more advanced areas such as relationship dynamics, group dynamics and h...

Short Course In Wellness Care - Module 4

The diversity of counselling methods related to different types of intelligence: The role of teaching, sociology, art and salutogenesis in counsellin...

Short Course In Wellness Care - Module 3

You will learn how to use counselling skills and what is expected from you as professional.

Understanding the POPI Act

Purpose of the POPIA is to give effect to section 14 of the Constitution – the right to privacy by protecting personal information.

Stress Management with Special Reference to Adaptogens

In this CPD we define stress and explain the physiological process of stress. Stressors are explained and a stress rating scale is suggested. Ways to ...

Counselling Skills - Perinatal Loss

Perinatal loss is commonly defined as the loss of an infant through death via unintended or involuntary loss of pregnancy by miscarriage. Focus is on ...

WEBINAR Dyslexia Live Q&A

Live Question and Answer session with a successful Adult Dyslexic. To understand the dynamics of Dyslexia, attend the Webinar “Dyslexia in the Inclu...

Short Course In Wellness Care - Module 2

This informal course in counselling provides the student with the basic knowledge and skills to, upon completion of all prescribed modules, apply for ...

Victim Empowerment - The Counsellor as Mediator

The role of the counsellor as a mediator where mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which an independent and neutral third-party a...

NLP an Introduction

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful counselling technique that was created in the 1970’s. It is an excellent counselling tool for professional,...

Counselling in Practice with reference to Client Rights

In practice knowledge about client rights is of essence to establish a trust relationship between counsellor or holistic health practitioner and clien...

Supervision in Counselling Introduction

Supervision in holistic counselling is important for each and every councellor that wants to register at the ASCHP.

The Psychological, Emotional and Physical Impact of Virtual Fatigue (3 CPD)

In order to understand this new fatigue that may tax the more than 300 million daily participants of Zoom and other virtual technologies, this course ...

Introduction to counselling in palliative care and end of life

Welcome to the first step towards understanding counselling within the End of Life and transitional space.

Trauma Debriefing Facilitator Training - Internationally Accredited

The first Trauma Debriefing Facilitator Course accredited internationally and fully accredited! Join a global and active network of multi disciplinar...

Short Course in Wellness Care - Module 1

Introduction to the wellbeing Counselling model.

Inflammation: Both friend and foe

This Course is aimed at teaching the holistic, integrative approach to manage the renegade inflammation that is the root cause of all chronic lifestyl...

Risk register

Project management superheroes, All Projects have Risks, many Risk. Risk will cost your project when they become issues. Learn how to manage them.

Financial Instruments

Project management superheroes, Ensure that the most profitable Project is selected for the organization. Tracking of the financial health of the proj...


Synergetica (Liedani CC)

The Synergetica Student Support Centre was established in 2002 as a student support centre to develop and offer short wellness related courses and CPD training.

Dr Joy Schoeman

Specialist Wellness Counsellor have the applicable postgraduate qualification on NQF level 8 and above, and at least 100 hours of practical experience. We serve to enhance the total wellbeing of our clients by making use of a systemic approach to counselling.

Dyslexia Today

Dyslexia Today provides training and information about Dyslexia for Teachers and Therapists. All our Courses are SACE accredited.

GoFocus Learning Centres

GoFocus Learning Centres offers a dynamic concept in installing and correcting reading, spelling, handwriting as well as the correction/prevention of dyslexia symptoms for learners between Gr. 1 – 12.

MDH Training services

WELLNESS HEALTHCARE AND COUNSELLING SHORT COURSE Introduction This is a counselling course with a difference – it is counselling contextualised in wellbeing.

Project management superheroes

Eric has been in the project management environment for the more than 40 years. Both as a lecturer and a professional project manager, managing multi million dollar projects.

The Wellness Specialist Training Academy

The Wellness Specialist offers specialized training in the area of trauma, grief, loss, bereavement and end of life support for practitioners and those who would like to start a career in these areas. TWS offers full certification courses that are internationally accredited as well as shorted courses for continuous development

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