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GoFocus @Home Learner Support Program

Our very successful ULTIMATE LEARNER SUPPORT PROGRAMME is now available to parents for home use!

R 1300

This Course Includes

4 Hours Learning Content
On Demand Training

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  • Description

    Our very successful ULTIMATE LEARNER SUPPORT PROGRAMME is now available to parents for home use!

    Parents have the opportunity to assist their own children experiencing learning difficulties and/or dyslexia at home in their own time, making use of all our know how through years of experience and research.

    Once off payment R6110-00
    (includes all equipment and the first month’s licensing fees)


    Monthly software license fee: R400-00
    (for as long as you are using the Programme)

    *The software license allows access for two learners*

    Steps to follow:

    Register an account

    Make your Payment


    We will contact you to send the Equipment

    Only after you have received the Equipment, you should press the button to begin watching the Training Videos.

    Please Remember:

    There are 8 Training Videos.

    Do not watch all of them at once.

    Watch one, then practise or do the exercises with your child.

    Then only move on to the next video.

    The training videos will be available to you for 2 weeks.

    GoFocus Software Requirements
    Windows 7 minimum, windows 10 recommended
    1 GHz 64-bit (x64) processor or better.
    2Gb of RAM or more.
    At least 8GB free hard drive space.
    128MB or more graphics memory.
    Direct X Compatible sound card.
    Stable internet connection for remote installation


    • 600-700MB Data.

    Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    The GoFocus Programme was developed in South Africa and is available as a Business Opportunity to educational professionals.

    If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then our Programme is definitely what you are looking for:

    1. Does your child currently qualify for exam concessions, i.e. extra time, reader or a scribe?
    2. Does your child struggle with the following when reading?
      1. Reversal of letters, for example ‘b’ and ‘d’;
      2. Reading of sight words – can read it today, but tomorrow it seems difficult;
      3. Comprehension;
      4. Omitting syllables (either beginning, middle or end of words);
      5. Reading the first part or letter of a word and then make up own words.
    3. Does your child struggle with the following when writing?
      1. Reversal of letters, for example ‘b’ and ‘d’;
      2. Staying on the lines;
      3. Letter formation;
      4. Only write parts of words (leaving out syllables);
      5. Pen / Pencil grip.
    4. Does your child struggle with concentration?
      1. Daydreaming,
      2. Struggle to sit still and focus on the work he/she is busy with,
      3. Teacher complains about task completion,
    5. Does your child experience dyslexia symptoms?

    The Gofocus Programme addresses all of the above problems in a fun way.

    The GoFocus Programme combines interactive computer software with unique table work activities and gross motor co-ordination exercise equipment. The course includes unique focusing, spatial orientation and spelling techniques.

  • Course Curriculum

    • Programme For Parents
      • Video 1 - Focusing, Concentration, Spatial and Relaxation
      • Video 2 - Long term memory technique
      • Video 3 - Alphabet @ the Table
      • Video 4 - Stand on one leg technique
      • Video 5 - Spelling Technique @ the table
      • Video 6 - Sight words @ the table
      • Video 7 - Reading @ the table
      • Video 8 - Comprehension @ the table