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Advanced Dyslexia & Visual Learner Support Programme - Module 2 @ R4200

An invaluable course for all Gr 1 to Gr 6 Teachers, Remedial Teachers, and Therapists - 15 CPTD points (complete Modules 1-4)

R 4200

This Course Includes

2 Hours Learning Content
On Demand Training

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  • Prerequisite

    In order to enroll for this course you will have to first complete the prerequisite course:
    Advanced Dyslexia & Visual Learner Support Programme - Module 1 @ R4700


    PLEASE NOTE: This course is only available for 35 days after the date of payment. Please ensure that you complete all the videos within 35 days.

    In Module 2 you will master:


    You will learn a unique spelling technique which includes kinaesthetic awareness, and 3-dimensional memorisation techniques.

    Spelling words which were mastered, are used in sentences. Attention is furthermore paid to sentence building and correct use of tenses.

    Long-tern Memorisation

    Long-term memory plays a significant role in the process of storing and retrieving information.  Participants will familiarise themselves with a unique technique to enhance memorisation skills.

    Sight Words

    Sight words are extremely difficult for Visual Learners and Dyslexics to process and master. This section provides an in-depth look at an exceptional visualisation technique for dealing with sight words. 


    All sounds are introduced one-by-one according to Grade-specific specifications. You will master a technique to easily correct difficult sounds.


    You will consider the importance of punctuation in the process of reading fluently. This section offers an in-depth look at the meaning, relevance, and usage of all punctuation marks as per Grade-appropriate levels.

    Practical Exercises

    Spelling techniques, Pronunciation, and sight word skills are now re-enforced by practising all such processes in their own time. Specified reports and support material are to be submitted prior to enrolling for Module 3.

    Outcomes of Module 2

    You are equipped with extraordinary skills and techniques to deal with sight words, spelling, punctuation, difficult sounds, and pronunciation.


    • 2-4Gb of Data
  • Course Curriculum

    • Module 2
      • Spelling Technique @ the table
      • Sight Words @ the table
      • Pronunciation @ the table