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Advanced Dyslexia & Visual Learner Support Programme - Module 3 @ R4700

An invaluable course for all Gr 1 to Gr 6 Teachers, Remedial Teachers, and Therapists - 15 CPTD points (complete Modules 1-4)

R 4700

This Course Includes

2 Hours Learning Content
On Demand Training

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  • Prerequisite

    In order to enroll for this course you will have to first complete the prerequisite course:
    Advanced Dyslexia & Visual Learner Support Programme - Module 2 @ R4200



    PLEASE NOTE: This course is only available for 35 days after the date of payment. Please ensure that you complete all the videos within 35 days.

    In Module 3 you will master:


    You will acquire first-hand knowledge of how a different reading technique can change the reading of Visual learners and Dyslexics.


    In this section you will familiarise yourself with the opportunity of visual learning skills for mastering comprehension.  Visual learners and Dyslexics learn through visual input and 3-dimensional thought processing.  The importance of an appropriate skill to master comprehension is considered here.


    You will consider the relevance of mastering legible handwriting. You have the opportunity to offer learners unique hands-on techniques to acquire more legible handwriting. You will consider the possibility that Dyslexics are more comfortable with print but struggle with cursive writing.

    Special attention is paid to introduce exercises to deal with dysgraphia, diagonals, and straight lines.

    Fine-motor Coordination Exercises

    You are introduced to a unique and fun way of enhancing fine-motor- coordination. This is significantly important in correcting handwriting.

    Gross-motor Coordination Exercises

    Balance and sensory stimulation techniques are important aspects of enhancing concentration. You will explore a fun and easy balancing technique to enhance balance and concentration.

    Practical Exercises 

    You complete rescribed reading, comprehension, handwriting, fine-motor coordination, and gross-motor coordination exercises in your own environment.

    Reports are to be submitted prior to enrolling for Module 4.

    Outcomes of Module 3

    You will have gained insight into the importance of coding and decoding in the processes of reading and writing.

    You will furthermore have a clear understanding of the correlation between fine-motor coordination and handwriting as well as gross-motor coordination, balance, and concentration.


    • 2-4Gb of Data
  • Course Curriculum

    • Module 3
      • Handwriting @ the table
      • Fine & Gross Motor coordination
      • Reading & Comprehension @ the table
      • Telling Time