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Parents: Overcome the Trauma of Separation & Divorce

Examine the impact divorce has on the various aspects of family life eg; emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and vocational while at the same time acquiring practically applicable tools and skills to cultivate resilience in all of these areas. Be the leader your family needs during and after this life-altering adversity.

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  • Description

    Separation and Divorce has a profound effect on families. It requires us to adapt to the many changes it demands and adjust our parenting style if we're going to get through it with minimum trauma for ourselves, our children and everyone close to us.

    This course is for parents to help them overcome the trauma of separation and divorce. You'll be guided to examine the impact it has on the various aspects of family life eg; emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and vocational while at the same time offered practically applicable tools and skills to cultivate resilience in all of these areas. At the end of this course you'll be well equipped to lead your family through this life-altering adversity.

    Feedback from Students

    “Thank you Sinta, for compiling the course for our benefit. I will admit that it is not easy to face all of this. The course assists in taking steps towards healing and working through the hurt. I am grateful that completing modules, reflects the progress that I made, in aligning my thoughts with the healing process.”

    “I really enjoyed the parenting videos. You enrich my life!”

    Post Traumatic Growth Practitioner, Sinta Ebersohn, created this course from her own experience as a teenage child of divorce, a high-conflict divorced parent herself as well as the founder of a global educational initiative for families going through separation, divorce and blending new families, She has mentored numerous families through the process and helped them establish new, much improved family dynamics for the future.

    Learn more about the creator of this course on her website at

    Whether you are only contemplating divorce, right at the beginning, anywhere in the throes of it or even way beyond it, this course will provide you with the proper support, guidance and practical advice all parents need for their unique situation.

    The recommended duration of the course is six weeks. Work through one of the six modules per week and allow yourself the rest of the week to apply the practices learnt, before continuing to the next module. Please complete the modules in consecutive order as they are designed to build onto each other.

    This course is accredited by the International Association of Therapists:
    IAOTH ATP Number: JC230304

    What you’ll learn

    • Know and apply practical skills and tools to cultivate resilience daily
    • Model and teach everything you've learnt to your partner and children age appropriately
    • Understand different aspects of life where resilience can be cultivated
    • Understand the impact of separation & divorce on the various aspects of family life


    • None. Although this course was created for parents who are separated or in the process of divorce, adult children of divorce would also find it valuable for the insight it will provide into their parents' experience of their own divorce.

    Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    In this course you'll learn how to cultivate resilience through separation and divorce in all of the following aspects of your family life:

    Emotional Resilience
    Family Resilience
    Mental Resilience
    Physical Resilience
    Spiritual Resilience and
    Vocational Resilience

    Relevant topics covered:
    Introduction to the different types of resilience
    How to model and teach what you learn to your children age appropriately
    Recommendations of actual things you can do
    Products for support and tools to apply daily
    Practices for cultivating resilience every week
    Bonus Materials: Books, Videos, Exercises, Articles, Interviews etc.


  • Course Curriculum

    • Parents: Overcome the Trauma of Separation & Divorce
      • Course Introduction
      • Emotional Resilience
      • Emotional Resilience - Bonus Material
      • Emotional Resilience
      • Family Resilience
      • Family Resilience - Bonus Material
      • Family Resilience
      • Mental Resilience
      • Mental Resilience - Bonus Material
      • Mental Resilience
      • Physical Resilience (a)
      • Physical Resilience (b)
      • Physical Resilience - Bonus Material
      • Physical Resilience
      • Spiritual Resilience (a)
      • Spiritual Resilience (b)
      • Spiritual Resilience - Bonus Material
      • Spiritual Resilience
      • Vocational Resilience
      • Vocational Resilience - Bonus Material
      • Vocational Resilience

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